Sunday, February 24, 2013

Kings Grill

My heart always skips a beat for old diners. And when I'm lucky enough to find one, I always have to check it out. On a recent visit to Valdosta, GA, we discovered a little jewel called, Kings Diner. It's located on the corner of Patterson St. We had planned to have dinner there one night, but quickly learned this place is only open Mon-Fri for breakfast and lunch. They close at 3:00. So we had a late lunch there on our last day in town. Walking through the doors, I felt like I had stepped back into time.

One of the first things I look for when visiting an old diner, are the classic, spin around bar stools. I was so happy to see them lined up at the counter. I meant to ask if these were original, but judging from the looks they did appear to be authentic to the period. Gotta love chrome bar stool with vinyl upholstered seating. Especially in classic aqua. Looking around at some of the decor, I spotted an old vintage coat rack near the door. Unfortunately, that shot didn't turn out. :-(

After talking with the owner, we found out this place has been in business since 1974. It's in it's third generation and we got to speak with each one of these lovely ladies. Pat, Kim and Heather were just as sweet and down home as they get. I would loved to have spent more time in this place taking pics and talking with these ladies, but we realized it was approaching closing time and we didn't want to hold them up.

Sorry, we didn't get any of photos of the food. We were too hungry. But I can tell you it was great and quickly served. My only complaint was they serve Pepsi products and not Coke. :-(   But overall it was a great experience and if we are ever in Valdosta again we will not let a little drink called Pepsi stop us from visiting.
Loved all the sassy sayings and quotes that filled the walls.  Here are just a few"

"The waitresses may not be so hot, but the food is"
"Customer is usually right"
"The more you tip the nicer we are"

Pat, Kim and Heather if you are reading this...thank you ladies so much for your hospitality. We sincerely appreciate it. We loved meeting you ladies and hope to be back one day!!!