Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The Old Talbot Tavern Coffee Shop: Bardstown, KY

I just love this vintage image. I love everything about from the building to the old graphics on the US Hwy signs and the signage on the building. All the old guys have a hat except for the 3rd one from the left. The two on the have on ties. Was this a leisurely Saturday? Was this just a slow weekday? The Tavern was built in 1779 and is still in operation today.

Here is some history on it: The Old Talbott Tavern was built in 1779, a year before the settlement of Salem (later renamed Bardstown) began, making it the "oldest western stagecoach stop" still in operation.[3] According to an old map of Bardstown, the lot was originally purchased by a man named Hynes; the tavern was called the Hynes Hotel. It was strategically located near the end of the stagecoach road that once led east to Philadelphia and Virginia. George Rogers Clark used it as a resource base during the end of the American Revolutionary War); Daniel Boone stayed here, and the exiled Louis-Philippe of France, stayed at the tavern on October 17, 1797, with a member of his entourage painting murals that were rediscovered in the 20th century and were on display until the 1998 fire. To read more click here and here is the official website