Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Spending The Day in Blue Ridge, GA

I love those days I can get away to my old home town. Its seems I don't have the opportunity to get up there very much anymore. But yesterday just happened to be a day I could get away. The weather was perfect and we didn't have much traffic either. After the family and I finished with some business, we headed over to L&L Beanery for lunch. We had never eaten there and was going on the recommendation of a friend. Fortunately, the kitchen was closed. I say fortunately...because we walked next door to a place called, Southern Charm. We enjoyed it much more than we would have L&L Beanery. The folks at L&L were very nice to us, They offered cold items like salads, and sandwiches, and while that might have been okay, what we were really in the mood for, was a hot meal.

L&L sits on the corner of West Main St. As if you couldn't tell the old building used to be  bank. I have seen several businesses come and go in this old building. One of the first things you see is the original walk in safe.

This old building has some great architectural features like the marble front, doric pilasters, and glass block transom windows.

We headed next door to this lovely place. I love the butter yellow color of this building. It just reminds me of happy sunshine. And a sunny day it was.

The F16 jets had just flown over Blue Ridge and left this neat criss cross design with their chem trails. Or as in pilot talk ---geo engineering.
This is the backside of Blue Ridge. 

And this looks like an interesting place. They take everyday objects and create art. They were not open. I loved the name, it used to be a church.

This old building has some businesses down stairs, including the new Bagel Depot. But what I remember most about it is the old Blue Ridge Skating Rink. I spent many Saturday nights in that old building skating my tail off. Oh the memories!!

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Pic of the Day: Lumber City, GA

 Southern Railway trestle bridge with operator shed at the top. This shed allowed the operator to have a better view of steamboat traffic coming up and down the river. It's located in Lumber City, GA

Monday, March 16, 2015

Palladino's Pizza

My hubby and I had lunch at a new place called, Palladino's Pizza. This is a completely new place that was just built in the fall of 2014. They have a huge restaurant and very nice covered deck where you can sit outside and eat. I love Al Fresco dining. My favorite when the weather permits.

The view from the deck overlooks the Maple Street Mansion. I can't say that I am a fan of the new color scheme the new owners choose for this house.  

Saturday, March 14, 2015

Road Tripping: Lagrange, GA

Does anyone remember the Kress Dime Store chain? Growing up in a small town, I can't say that I remember them. It was neat to see the old building where Kress was in Lagrange. The tile outside the front door is slowly chipping away.


Most of the time when we visit Lagrange, GA, it's because we drive down to Country's BBQ. Now, one would think if you visit a BBQ place, you're gonna order BBQ. Right? Never the case for me, or at least here anyway. I always order the buttermilk chicken fingers, tater salad and baked beans. But this trip I switched up one of my side dishes and ordered the fresh corn on the cobb. 

Homemade Naner pudding fresh out the oven. Yet another reason we go to Country's BBQ. 

Thursday, March 12, 2015

A Quick Trip to Blue Ridge, GA

 We passed by my Grandfather's old fruit stand. It always amazes me to still see it standing. He was a very good carpenter and built things to last. Although, the roof is starting to collapse and nature is taking over, it still warms my heart to see this place. I have so many fond memories and I can see him sitting next to the door.

 When I first started getting into photography back in the early 90's this was one of the first old farm houses that I photographed. I just love this old place, rusty tin roof, squeaking screen door and all.

 This was shot at Morganton Point, on Lake Blue Ridge. I love how you can see the mountains in the background. Spending many summer days here, I always used to take this scenery for granted.
I love the makeover they have given the old Lovell building. I hear it's now a restaurant called, Chesters. Looking forward to eating there the next time I'm up that way.
 I found this old photo from 1961 online. All of these buildings have gone through so many different kinds of businesses over the years,

Saturday, March 7, 2015

Cheatham Hill Trail

Finally got to go hiking through Cheatham Hill Trail today. All these years of living in Marietta, I have never gone exploring here.  

This has to be the one of the biggest Poison Ivy/Oak vines I've ever seen. It was bigger than my arm. YIKES!!